Plutonium&PlutoniumXtra VST3/AU

Noize Generator for Psycho-acoustics Effects:
-Add Plutonium to your track will instantly bring life to your sound.
-By toggling presets you will be able to choose between 7 feelings.
-Set your own using the sliders control.
-Choose beetween seven generator options.
-You will enjoy using Plutonium anywhere in your mixing chain Mastering/MixBuss/MixTrack/Vocals/808.
-Drums/808 setting will allow you to choose where you wanna make bump your elements INSIDE YOU!

Plutonium comes with PlutoniumXtra wich, on top of adding character to your tracks, allows to choose, by toggling presets, where you wanna place your sound at the mid axis (from Floor to Roof).


!!! >MAC USERS< !!!

>How do I enable installer on Mac?<

View the app security settings on your Mac

In System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click General. Click the lock and enter your password to make changes.

Select App Store under the header “Allow apps downloaded from.”



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GIVE LIFE TO YOUR TRACKS: Launching Plutonium will instantly bring your track to life. Don’t expect any changes you could hear, that plugin will directly affect your feelings.

EASY TO USE: Intuitive interface, 7 buttons of presets for 7 sliders of control. Plutonium can be used for any kind of source at any place in your mix or master chains.

ENJOY SEVERAL FEELINGS: Be creative by doing your own presets or simply use the plugin ones: Agressive, Sensual, Passionate, In Love, Talkative, Hypnotic, Protective, .