Plutonium&PlutoniumXtra VST3/AU

PsychoAcoustic Processor:
-Breathe new Life and Excitement into your Track.
-By toggling presets you will be able to choose between 7 feelings.
-Set your own using the slider controls.
-Get the tone you want between seven generator options.
-You will enjoy using Plutonium anywhere in your mixing chain Mastering/MixBuss/MixTrack/Vocals/808.
-Drums/808 mode will allow you to choose where you wanna make your elements knock inside you.

Plutonium comes with PlutoniumXtra, which, in addition to adding character to your tracks, will allow you to make your mid-elements (vocal/bass/kick..) stand out with minimal impact on the balance.

Also, choose with the preset buttons which body part you want to put the focus on.




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GIVE LIFE TO YOUR TRACKS: Breathe new life and excitement into your tracks. This plugin will directly affect your Feelings, without any audible changes.

EASY TO USE: With 7 preset buttons, 7 sliders, 5 modes, 7 tones and a control panel, Plutonium is easy to use and can be applied to any source at any point in your mixing or mastering chain.

EXPERIMENT DIFFERENT FEELINGS: Be creative by creating your own presets or use the ones provided: Aggressive, Sensual, Passionate, In Love, Talkative, Hypnotic, Protective.