FREE Plutonium Trial version VST3/AU

PsychoAcoustic Processor:
-Breathe new Life and Excitement into your Track.
-By toggling presets you will be able to choose between 7 feelings.
-Set your own using the slider controls.
-Get the tone you want between seven generator options.
-You will enjoy using Plutonium anywhere in your mixing chain Mastering/MixBuss/MixTrack/Vocals/808.
-Drums/808 mode will allow you to choose where you wanna make your elements knock inside you.
Try Plutonium for 15 days (PLUTONIUMXTRA NOT INCLUDED)

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GIVE LIFE TO YOUR TRACKS: Breathe new life and excitement into your tracks. This plugin will directly affect your Feelings, without any audible changes.

EASY TO USE: With 7 preset buttons, 7 sliders, 5 modes, 7 tones and a control panel, Plutonium is easy to use and can be applied to any source at any point in your mixing or mastering chain.

EXPERIMENT DIFFERENT FEELINGS: Be creative by creating your own presets or use the ones provided: Aggressive, Sensual, Passionate, In Love, Talkative, Hypnotic, Protective.